Cell Peptides

Our ultrafiltrates are obtained through extraction with organic acids of lyophilised, juvenile, xenogeneic cells. They are standardised with a molecular weight of 300 000 Dalton.

This molecular reduction makes its absorption via the mucous membrane possible.



Skin Care

Cellusana’s ingredients are harmonised very well. Cell peptides originated from cell research are the active matters in our Cellusana compounds. These animal-based amino acids are penetrated rapidly into the skin and initiate regenerative effects. Your skin receives a young look and optimum support.

Pure vegetable oils are absorbed quickly and make your skin soft. Without perfuming agents Cellusana is perfectly suitable for very sensitive skin.



The organism functions via so-called feedback mechanisms. Acute or chronic malfunctioning can lead to displacements and imbalances in the biochemical area.

The following active agents are important to balance these effects rapidly and to prevent possible deficiency symptoms:

– lyophilised fetal animal cells
– essential vitamins



Supportive Products

Our supportive products are meant to provide a possible support for nutrient absorption and digestion/eupepsia.

They should also serve to support overall vitality in case of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Performance deficits caused by high levels of stress are potentially compensated.


Currently on offer: