Our Cell Peptides with 1000 K Dalton

1000 K Dalton

Zellpeptide Arthroplus 1000k

Arthro plus 1000K Dalton

The strong foundation for your skeleton and your joints.

Arthro plus is your strong foundation rich in bioavailable calcium. It shall valorise your agility, mobility and skeleton structure on a life-long basis.

Zellpeptide CerebroVital 1000k

CerebroVital 1000K Dalton

The powerful propellant for your brain – Success at school, study and work.

CerebroVital shall supply the propellant for your powers of concentration, your powers of recall and your powerful thinking at school, study and work.

Zellpeptide Femvital 1000k

FemVital 1000K Dalton

Be as young and proactive as you feel!

Thanks to its unique composition and varied mixture of proteins FemVital is specifically suitable for women looking for more vitality and energy.

Zellpeptide Manvital 1000k

ManVital 1000K Dalton

Show your masculine assets’ full potential!

ManVital is the dietary supplement rich on proteins appealing to modern men, thus possibly enabling them to master their varied challenging tasks more dynamically.

Zellpeptide PHI 1000k

PHI 1000K Dalton

The knight’s armour for your liver.

PHI shall come to use on liver functions and also factors in your digestive system’s duties. Our natural and protein-rich contribution for your metabolism.

Zellpeptide R.E.S. ocyt 1000k

R.E.S.ocyt 1000K Dalton

Our expertise in the regulatory circles of the human body “engineered” into this product. (Yes, we Germans like engineering quite a lot.)

The regeneration of cells is a natural process in your body. R.E.S.ocyt ties up directly to the newest insights in cell research. The “natural engineering” of your body shall remain in force.

Zellpeptide Turboform 1000K

TurboForm 1000K Dalton

TurboForm – And your performance curve shall rise.

TurboForm is our high-octane propellant for ”your inner drive“. Supercharge your engine with our energetic mix of proteins, vitamins and vital substances.

Zellpeptide UltraImmun 1000k

UltraImmun 1000K Dalton

Put your immune system on the fast lane!

UltraImmun’s high proportion of key proteins and nutrients shall apply to your body. Invest in your immune system!

Zellpeptide UltraOcculin 1000k

UltraOculin 1000K Dalton

On short or long sight – UltraOculin.

Maintain perspective. Have a closer look. Strong eyes from the inside out.

Zellpeptide UltraPolesin 1000k

UltraPolesin 1000K Dalton

Inhale, exhale, enjoy your wellbeing.

The manifold tasks far beyond breathing define the lungs as a high-performance-organ. Try out UltraPolesin, and impress yourself with the performance capabilities of your lungs.

Zellpeptide UltraProcor 1000k

UltraProcor 1000K Dalton

Your heart delivers maximum performance – Return the needed vital substances!

Targeting at capacity and stamina, UltraProcor is our hearty protein mixture enriched with concentrated vital substances.

Zellpeptide UltraRenolin 1000K

UltraRenolin 1000K Dalton

Give free rein to your kidneys.

Our ultrafiltrate for that organ whose filtration performance is impressively capable: That fits well! Versatile vital substances would like to demonstrate their activity for your kidneys.

Zellpeptide XenoVital 1000k

XenoVital 1000K Dalton

Show people in the flesh that you are fresh!

Biological age and attitude towards life in harmony. XenoVital is an all-round product available for all generations which wants to take all organs into account.

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