Cellusana Skin Care Sample Cellusana Sample Set

Hydratation Pour Le Jour and Revitalisation Pour La Nuit 2x 15ml

Our Sample Set is your price-conscious first step into the Cellusana world. With our day and night creams you will receive 24 hours of daily protection and care for your skin. The Sample Set is priced as a special offer. Both creams together will meet and exceed the demands of your skin. Thanks to the implementation of our natural cell peptides, the regenerative power of your skin will be intensively stimulated with Cellusana skin care products.


Ampoules Traitement Spécial

This regenerating serum boosts the vitality of your skin tremendously from inside out. With their formula developed based on the innovative cell therapy research, our ampoules restore the resilience and balance of stressed, weakened skin.

Cellusana Night Cream

Revitalisation Pour La Nuit

This nourishing night cream strengthens your skin function, increases the nutrient content and supports collagen production for youthful firmness.

Cellusana Day Cream

Hydratation Pour Le Jour

This rich, soothing day cream provides your skin with moisture, tightens and helps to protect it from harmful environmental influences.

Cellusana Skin Care Set

Hydratation Pour Le Jour, Revitalisation Pour La Nuit, Traitement Spécial

The experiences made within the field of cell research found their application with a unique combination of cell peptides into the Cellusana Skin Care Range. This composition animates your skin’s ability to regenerate giving it a younger-looking appearance. You achieve optimal results with the application of the skin care range consisting of three products: the moisturising day cream, the nutrient-rich night cream and the highly concentrated serum.

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