December promotion and new product

Cellusana Probetiegel Set Box

Dear readers,

For December 2017 we have created a special promotion: All drinking ampoule-products for only 99 Euros each. Please click for an overview. The promotion is valid from December 1 till 31, 2017.

Decide yourself how many boxes of which drinkable food supplement (8 ampoules per box) you would like to order.

And while you are filling your shopping cart in our online shop, why not take a look at our newest product?

The Cellusana Sample Set

Attractive skin, attractive price! This is your price-sensitive opportunity into the world of Cellusana. Experience the regenerative effects of our day and night creams on and deep inside your skin. Get astonished how already a small amount of Cellusana cream can create such a visible effect on your skin appearance!

We hope we have created an attractive “December package” for you, and would like to read about your experiences. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

So far, we wish you best health and a good time,

Your Vermonde team