Welcome to our Vermonde Webshop

Here we are going to explain the ordering process in a few small steps. If you have questions or face problems with your order, feel free to contact our hotline for support during our usual office hours.

The images have been taken from a demo version of our shop, so please excuse any spelling or other mistakes. The ordering process is 100% identical with the current version of our shop.

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Customer hotline: 0049 6721 49568-40

Step 1:

Select a product category.


Step 2:

Select a product.


Step 3:

Select the quantity of your selected article and put it/them into the shopping cart.


Step 4:

Proceed to checkout.


Step 5:

Insert your address, email and telephone number (for queries concerning your order).

We would recommend registering your own account if you like to place an order in our Vermonde Webshop more often. Then you can easily log-in with your user name and your password for further orders. Therefore please choose a safe user name and a confidential password.


Step 6:

Select a payment method. Please confirm our terms and conditions and your right of withdrawal afterwards.


Step 7:

Check and submit your order. You will find your order confirmation in the inbox of your email software.