Innovative anti-aging based on cell research

Our Cellusana facial care range combines groundbreaking findings from cell research with modern skin care cosmetics. The products contain a unique cell activator - the cell peptides. By means of our specially designed CARE®-technology, highly effective active substances can be applied right up to the stem cells. There, where skin ageing has its origin, they accelerate the regeneration of the cells. Your skin renews itself from within, naturally and permanently. Forget complicated modular systems of an ordinary skin care! Thanks to Cellusana, you only need three anti-aging products that regenerate your skin and make it glow: one Day Cream, one Night cream as well as an additional Serum. The Cellusana skin care series contains only selected and precisely balanced active ingredients such as Q10, collagen, hyaluron and aloe vera as well as our natural cell activator - the cell peptides. These are the best active ingredients from the worlds of medicine and cosmetics, suitable for every skin type.

Cellusana skin care works in three ways: it protects the cells, renews your skin from within and makes your skin look healthier and more youthful.

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