Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the new Vermonde offers

Christmas is coming, the time of relaxation and the days for pleasant “gluttony”.

Christmas is coming, the time of stress, the many gift purchases, the more or less welcome visits of your relatives.

Whichever Christmas you are dealing with, from 16/12/2016 till 15/1/2017 including we have the matching products for you on sale. PHI for digestion, TurboForm for the energy, which is also gladly consumed at New Year’s Eve for the longest night of the year.

PHI and TurboForm drinking ampoules are available for 99€ instead of 129€.

On top, you can cash in on a substantial discount on our Cellusana skin care products. Gift your beloved ones or yourself with our exquisite cosmetics, and feel the extraordinarily effective treatment with Cellusana products which are more than just cosmetics.

Get a discount and conserve your well-being.

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