Payment Methods

We offer the following payment methods. Just select your preferred option. Shipping costs can be depending on the selected payment method. The prices displayed in the related offers are final. They contain all price components including possible taxes like value added tax. Additional taxes (e. g. intra-community acquisition) and/or fees (e. g. customs) could await you in case of border-crossing shipments and will be paid directly to the respective customs or tax authorities. Costs arising from delivery and shipping are not included in the purchase price. These costs are listed in the category “Shipping and Delivery”, are displayed separately during the order processing and have to be paid additionally.

Direct Debit

We will withdraw the order invoice amount from your bank account after your order has been placed.

Credit Card

Simply pay with your Visa or Mastercard.


Paying safer and faster with your PayPal-account.

Advance Payment

Please transfer the order invoice amount to:

Account Holder: Vermonde GmbH
Bank: MVB Ingelheim
IBAN: DE15 5519 0000 0822 3860 17