To boost these two attributes and attitudes towards life is a goal with determination for most people because all of us prefer to go through life with positive emotions and energy.

Both can be influenced positively in various ways, and we as a manufacturer of high-class dietary supplements would like to provide you with a natural way of support.

Sports does well and stands for performance and fun

Physical strain and hard work can face you outside of sports, too, in professional as well as private situations.

Sports can also be competition, it can be pushing the envelope, testing your limits. That is why we have developed products as partners in demanding situations and as a preventive measure.

For the situations in which your (maximum) performance is required we recommend TurboForm to be the dietary supplement of your choice. TurboForm is our variant of an energy drink as a reliable monthly partner in its box of eight (ampoules). Feel the effects of TurboForm and master demanding, challenging situations with flying colours.

Hard work, overload, and sports may have an effect on joints, ligaments, and bones with increasing age. With Arthro plus drinking ampoules and Arthro ovi+Caps in capsules you make a quick pitstop in the “bones-and-joints-garage” or rather our “garage” visits you at home.

Whether you opt for the ampoules or the capsules, in all cases you will get a calcium-rich product which aims to support your agility and stability so you will not feel like a forgotten vintage car.

The Immune System

A huge contribution to your well-being and strength comes from your endogenous immune system.

With a strong immune system - this complex teamwork of organs, cell types and molecules - you walk easier through life and you are better prepared for the challenges awaiting you.

UltraImmun drinking ampoules and ThymusCaps capsules are natural dietary supplements with high doses of protein combinations which are finetuned to the biological regulatory cycles of your immune system. “Strong Defence – Good Life” has been our dictum during development of these products. Convince yourself if we have been successful.

Make use of the R.E.S.ocyt drinking ampoules and benefit from the latest insights gathered in cell research dedicated to the regeneration of cells inside the human body. Due to its comprehensive protein mix R.E.S.ocyt shall proclaim anti-aging for the whole body.

Digestion and Nutrition

Often underestimated or ignored, digestion and nutrition can play a vital role to your performance and well-being.