Best Ager

Don't talk about old age! The best age starts now! You are free from the worries of everyday life and generally independent of work. Now you can finally do what you have been putting off for years. You just have to make sure that your body goes along with it.

Our products support you in this and make you fit for the new adventures of life. Maximise cell renewal for more vitality and well-being.

  • ArthorPlus

    Arthro plus


    Arthro plus - The secret to the joy of mobility in old age

    What to do when the joints start to hurt with age? Heavy strain at work or sport accelerates wear and tear in the joints. With ArhtroOvi+ Caps you improve your chances of preventing this.

    This product cannot be delivered to Austria.

  • ArthroOvi Caps

    ArthroOvi+ Caps


    ArthroOvi+ Caps The secret for joy of movement in old age and strong bones.

    What can be done when the joints start to hurt in old age? Wear and tear in the joints accelerates due to heavy strain at work or in sports. With ArhtroOvi+ Caps you improve your chances of preventing this.

  • Cerebral Caps



    Get your brain going and win every quiz show. Whether you are old, working or studying, support your mental performance. With CerebralCaps you improve your concentration and your memory.

    When the grandchildren's questions challenge you, the quarterly accounts are due or the next written exam, take CerebralCaps and pass every challenge.

  • CerebroVital



    Give your brain a boost and win every quiz show. Whether in old age, at work or at university, support your mental performance. With CerebroVital you improve concentration and your memory.
    When the grandchildren's questions challenge you, the quarterly accounts are due or the next written exam - with CerebroVital you will pass every challenge.

  • Fem Vital



    Women are the epitome of multitasking: work, household, usually also children and organising family life - all this saps your energy. Increase the reserves from which you can draw. FemVital offers a natural way to do this.

  • ManVital



    People do not like to talk about it when "he" is worn out and limp. Stress and environmental influences contribute to this. With ManVital you can get through stressful times more easily.

  • PHI erleichtert die Verdauung



    The liver, pancreas, bile and intestines are the most important organs of our digestion. The liver and intestines are also crucial for the breakdown and elimination of toxins. However, they are often not in good condition due to today's diet and lifestyle. With PHI you can provide the necessary support.

  • R.E.S.ocyt



    Young, beautiful, healthy and full of energy - four terms that are usually associated with anti-aging. With R.E.S.ocyt we combine anti-aging with renewal of stem cells. Use the energy for regeneration in the whole body and stay young - permanently and completely naturally.

  • Thymus Caps

    ThymusCaps for your immune system


    ThymusCaps contain specific components, so-called cell peptides, which are obtained from the thymus gland. The thymus gland plays an important role for the immune system, as it "trains" certain body cells into highly specialized defense cells. However, our thymus declines as we age, and the immune system is in dire need of support.

    Guaranteed not synthetically produced as well as fructose-free, gluten-free, lactose-free. The capsules are without titanium dioxide.

  • UltraImmun



    Stress and a lack of vital substances in the diet weaken our natural defences. UltraImmun prepares your immune system against every challenge of everyday life. Protect yourself and get through challenging times healthy.

  • XeonoVital



    For the Best Ager that everyone envies. With XenoVital you optimise your cell metabolism for maximum well-being. Achieve the goals you set, regardless of your age.

    Vermonde GmbH supported the fundraising ride of Anton Bellroth, 68, in favour of Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz. "In the preparation phase, I take XenoVital, to get my cell metabolism going," says the cyclist. Read more here about Anton Bellroth's current fundraising tour. here more about Anton Bellroth's 2022 fundraising tour.


The innovative CARE®-technology (Cell-Activity-Regeneration-Effect) is what distinguishes our products. They enable the ingredients to unfold their effects in the depth of the cells and thus support the natural cell metabolism. Thereby the CARE®- technology relies on biological cell activation and works right down to the base of our organs. The principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the cells and vitalises them from within. The organs receive exactly the help they need to once again perform their tasks vitally and actively -  permanently and completely natural.

Quality - No compromises

All of our products meet the strict requirements of the HACCP concept and the GMP guidelines. The in-house holo-seal guarantees the origin of our products and quality standards.
Only raw materials from Germany are used. All manufacturing processes are carried out under clean room conditions. In addition, they are regularly checked and validated, which is otherwise only used in pharmaceutical production.

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