As a manager you have to organise, plan and make decisions at all times. Even a 16-hour working day is too short for so many management tasks. But it is not only managers in companies who are familiar with stressful situations. At home in everyday life, too, challenges have to be overcome.

In order to stay productive in the long term and get through stressful times better, you need special support. Our products cover the needs in demanding times. Maximise cell renewal and boost your concentration and stress resistance.

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    Sale! TurboForm

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    Maximise your workload for the feeling of success. TurboForm supports you for more resilience and stress resistance to help you overcome your limits.

  • CerebroVital



    Helfen Sie Ihrem Gehirn auf die Sprünge und gewinnen Sie jede Quizshow. Ob im Alter, Beruf oder Studium unterstützen Sie Ihre geistige Leistungsfähigkeit. Mit CerebroVital verbessern Sie die Konzentration und Ihr Erinnerungsvermögen.
    Wenn die Fragen der Enkel Sie fordern, der Quartalsabschluss oder die nächste schriftliche Prüfung anstehen – mit CerebroVital bestehen Sie jede Herausforderung.

  • FemVital



    Women as the embodiment of multi-tasking: career, household, usually children and family organisation - all these things are draining. Increase the reserves from which you can draw. FemVital offers a natural way to do this.

  • ManVital



    People do not like to talk about it when "he" is worn out and limp. Stress and environmental influences contribute to this. With ManVital you can get through stressful times more easily.

  • PHI erleichtert die Verdauung



    The liver, pancreas, bile and intestines are the most important organs of our digestion. The liver and intestines are also crucial for the breakdown and elimination of toxins. However, they are often not in good condition due to today's diet and lifestyle. With PHI you can provide the necessary support.

  • RESocyt



    Young, beautiful, healthy and full of energy - four terms that are usually associated with anti-aging. With R.E.S.ocyt we combine anti-aging with renewal of stem cells. Use the energy for regeneration in the whole body and stay young - permanently and completely naturally.

  • ThymusCaps offen



    Stress und fehlende Vitalstoffe in der Ernährung schwächen den natürlichen Abwehrmechanismus. ThymusCaps prepares your immune system against every challenge of everyday life. Protect yourself and get through challenging times healthy.

  • UltraImmun - Immunsystem stärken



    Stress and a lack of vital substances in the diet weaken our natural defences. UltraImmun prepares your immune system against every challenge of everyday life. Protect yourself and get through challenging times healthy.


The innovative CARE®-technology (Cell-Activity-Regeneration-Effect) is what distinguishes our products. They enable the ingredients to unfold their effects in the depth of the cells and thus support the natural cell metabolism. Thereby the CARE®- technology relies on biological cell activation and works right down to the base of our organs. The principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the cells and vitalises them from within. The organs receive exactly the help they need to once again perform their tasks vitally and actively -  permanently and completely natural.

Quality - No compromises

All of our products meet the strict requirements of the HACCP concept and the GMP guidelines. The in-house holo-seal guarantees the origin of our products and quality standards.
Only raw materials from Germany are used. All manufacturing processes are carried out under clean room conditions. In addition, they are regularly checked and validated, which is otherwise only used in pharmaceutical production.

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