We do not usually deal with the subject of organs until the second half of life. That is when your back hurts, your stomach does not digest and your liver is no longer properly detoxifying. This is the time for action at the latest! Thanks to our innovative CARE®-technology, the necessary ingredients reach precisely those organs that require special support.

Support specific organs for more vitality and well-being.

  • Cor Caps

    Heart - CorCaps


    Tirelessly our heart performs amazing things - every day! A weak or damaged heart restricts our everyday life. Climbing stairs becomes a challenge. Do not let it come to that!

  • UltraProcor

    Heart - UltraProcor


    Tirelessly our heart performs amazing things - every day! A weak or damaged heart restricts our everyday life. Climbing stairs becomes a challenge. Do not let it come to that!

  • Hepar Caps

    Liver – HeparCaps


    A liver that is overloaded with its tasks quickly leads to a poor quality of life. Upper abdominal complaints, fatigue and even blood count changes can be the consequences.
    With HeparCaps you have the opportunity to prevent this.

  • UltraPolesin

    Lung - UltraPolesin


    Take a breath of fresh air! With UltraPolesin you support the lungs in their function and regenerate the cells.

  • UltraRenolin

    Kidney - UltraRenolin


    Every day the kidneys perform at their best. It filters toxins from our blood, regulates the acid-base balance and blood pressure or produces important hormones. An unhealthy diet and environmental pollution usually place additional stress on this organ. With UltraRenolin you support the kidney in its function and help it to regenerate.

  • Pankreas Caps



    The pancreas, also known as the pancreas, produces an important hormone - insulin - in addition to digestive enzymes. This is produced in special islet cells, which are found in small groups throughout the gland.

  • Thymus Caps

    ThymusCaps for your immune system


    ThymusCaps contain specific components, so-called cell peptides, which are obtained from the thymus gland. The thymus gland plays an important role for the immune system, as it "trains" certain body cells into highly specialized defense cells. However, our thymus declines as we age, and the immune system is in dire need of support.

    Guaranteed not synthetically produced as well as fructose-free, gluten-free, lactose-free. The capsules are without titanium dioxide.

  • UltraOculin Cellusana



    No matter whether you thread something or build a model, filigree precision is often required in everyday life. With UltraOculin you keep the clear sight.


The innovative CARE®-technology (Cell-Activity-Regeneration-Effect) is what distinguishes our products. They enable the ingredients to unfold their effects in the depth of the cells and thus support the natural cell metabolism. Thereby the CARE®- technology relies on biological cell activation and works right down to the base of our organs. The principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the cells and vitalises them from within. The organs receive exactly the help they need to once again perform their tasks vitally and actively -  permanently and completely natural.

Quality - No compromises

All of our products meet the strict requirements of the HACCP concept and the GMP guidelines. The in-house holo-seal guarantees the origin of our products and quality standards.
Only raw materials from Germany are used. All manufacturing processes are carried out under clean room conditions. In addition, they are regularly checked and validated, which is otherwise only used in pharmaceutical production.

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