For your health only the best

With the help of experienced doctors and therapists, the ingredients of our preparations are composed in such a way that they optimally support the physiological control circuits of the human organism. In doing so, we incorporate the findings of cell research. In particular, CARE®-Technology enables us to maximise cell renewal with a unique activator - signalling molecules extracted from natural tissue - led by our cell peptides.

Safety and efficacy are our top priority. That is why our raw materials come exclusively from certified organic cultivation in Germany. Our production laboratory is regularly checked and certified by TÜV-Rheinland according to ISO and HACCP standards.

made in Germany

we are a family business and produce in our own laboratory in Bingen am Rhein

lasting and natural

thanks to our innovative
CARE®-Technology your organs are regenerated in a natural way

Technology and knowledge

in cooperation with experienced therapists we constantly optimize our formulations

Capsule or rather drinking vial?

Drinking vials for fast organ support

The ingredients of our drinking ampoules (cell peptides) enable your organism to quickly compensate for deficits and support the organ functions. Proteins play a special role here. This is because they contain the signal molecules that are responsible for rapid cell renewal and regeneration. They are already absorbed by the oral mucosa. Since the signal molecules are not produced synthetically but are of biological origin, they have a high bioavailability.
Selected vitamins additionally support the healthy function of the cells and thus contribute to improved vitality.

Designed to help your organs quickly, the drinking vials are particularly suitable for short-term use. Use the cell peptides to bridge challenging times when your body needs extra support.

We recommend taking 2 ampoules per week. All products are available in monthly packs (8 ampoules of 5ml).

Capsules for permanent organ stimulation

Our capsules stimulate the organ functions and balance them in the long term. The combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins fundamentally covers the need for necessary vital substances. With this combination, your body is provided with everything it needs to compensate for negative reactions.

In contrast to our drinking vials, which are quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa, the capsules take longer. Wrapped in gelatine, the ingredients are only released in the small intestine, which prevents damage from the stomach juices.

Designed to compensate for organ damage, the capsules are particularly suitable for long-term use. Support the organs permanently and naturally for more well-being.

We recommend taking 3×1 capsules a day. All products are available in monthly packs (90 capsules per pack).