Strong Defence – Good Life

Spring showed up for a quick intermezzo only here in Germany, and is hiding now behind one-digit Celsius degrees. So we thought you need something for your immune system. And especially if you suffer from allergies, we do recommend our promotion products UltraImmun and ThymusCaps to you.

During the “Preisknüller”-promotion from 01/05/2017 till 31/5/2017 UltraImmun drinking ampoules cost only 99 Euros and ThymusCaps capsules only 50 Euros for consumers.

Therapists may register under the following link and follow the instructions there: Therapists Registration

Strong Defence – Good Life: This was our guiding maxim when we developed UltraImmun especially for the requirements of your immune system and simultaneously the needs of allergy sufferers. One box gives you 4 weeks of supply.

UltraImmun is fine-tuned for the complex network inside your body “mobilising your defence forces”. Factoring in the regulatory cycles of the body, UltraImmun with its cell peptides and unique proportion of proteins shall be indeed your strong defence as a dietary supplement.

The ThymusCaps-capsules are the “vitamin C-bombs” in our portfolio. In combination with its high dosage of proteins you get the chance to make a budget-conscious entry into our product world in May.

90 capsules will last 4 weeks when following the recommended daily dosage; 4 weeks workout for your immune system, 4 weeks workout for allergy sufferers. For ThymusCaps, too, we took into account the regulatory cycles of the body during research and development.

In May it is our allergy and immune system products which get the attention within the promotion, nevertheless May is also known as the “merry month of May”. We would quite like to see your hormons getting ecstatic, and our products supporting you.

It is for a good reason that FemVital and ManVital as capsules or drinking ampoules are our bestsellers. With FemVital and ManVital you supply your body with natural ingredients.

Trust our manifold and concentrated protein formulations designed for the specific feminine and masculine necessities to support an active lifestyle.

Be as young and proactive as you feel, show your feminine and masculine assets’ full potential!

If you are a therapist and plan to visit Düsseldorf – by chance – on Saturday, 29/4/2017, please feel free to visit us and our booth F17 Foyer at the professional fair CAM for naturopaths and people working in the field of naturopathy. Please follow the unfortunately German-only link for more information: CAM 2017

Not only can you place an order in our online shop, but also via email at and via phone under +49 (0)6721 49 568 40.