If you have already registered a therapist account, please enter your login name and your password in the left column.

If you do not have a therapist account yet and want to register yourself in our online shop, please use the right column. Here you are asked to enter your email address and to select your user name and password. You will find a confirmation link in your email account. Following this link enables you to complete your customer data (invoice and delivery address).

Please be so kind and leave a verification in your account profile so we can confirm you are a therapist. A link to your website is perfectly suitable for that matter.

After the verification of your account your status as a therapist will be unlocked and an email update for you is following shortly after. In order to simplify the process of verification, you could also provide us with a link to your website or similarly clear proof of your medical background. Please send a short email at service@vermonde.com.



A password will be sent to your email address.