With Turbo-Toni around Iceland and back

Anton Bellroth

At the beginning of his last extreme cycling tour in 2018, Anton “Toni” Bellroth is 64 years old. He takes good care of himself with plenty of exercise, good food, and some occasional wine from his home town. All in all, he is a very jolly, adventurous fella, who made the decision to hop on his bicycle and ride from Bingen am Rhein, about 50km from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, all the way to Iceland and along its majestic coasts, passing through Denmark and the Faroe Islands, all by himself.

Toni is well-known for doing such things. In 2016, he rode his bicycle to Europe’s northernmost point in Nordkapp, Norway and back. And in 2013, he walked to Europe’s southernmost point, on the island of Gavdos in Greece. Yet these tours, as he calls them, are actually not for his pure entertainment alone. By undertaking these adventures, he seeks to gather donations for good causes, such as the German Bone Marrow Donor Foundation (DKMS).

Toni's travel companions

Toni is a regular patient at Naturheilpraxis Dreyer, a health center in Bingen, Germany, which cooperates with Vermonde GmbH under the same roof. After we found out about his plans, we felt very motivated and offered to make him a “Turbo-Toni” with our premium food supplements.

Before his trip, Toni prepared his body and mind with XenoVital and CerebroVital. During the tour, he trusted TurboForm to support him during the hardest stages of the trip.

Tour Details

  • Anton Bellroth is 64 years young
  • 8 weeks in total with a total distance of 4,162 kilometres
  • In Iceland alone 1,586 kilometers
  • He did not complete the tour with a specifically prepared racing bike, but with a fully loaded trekking bike.
  • For comparison: In 2018, the Tour de France had a total length of 3,351 kilometres.

These are experiences that speak for themselves