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Personal hardship and the will to resist fate gave rise to products that offer genuine added value.

With the innovative CARE®-Technology we have succeeded in developing products that maximise cell regeneration. In addition to selected valuable vitamins, they also contain an activator - signal molecules extracted from natural tissue - in particular cell peptides. Formulas specially formulated to meet the needs and regulatory cycles of the internal organs support the regeneration and well-being of our customers.


Your bridge to health

Embedded in a group of companies, the highest product quality, naturalness of the raw materials used and compatibility are the most important foundations of our company philosophy.
True to our slogan "Your bridge to health" we focus on your needs.

Diverse Produkte von Vermonde


Everyone wants to be healthy

The close cooperation with doctors, alternative practitioners, nutritionists and many more helps us to keep our products free of questionable preservatives and at the cutting edge of science. Thus we are able to support the human body's regulatory cycles effectively with unique recipes.



No compromises

All of our products meet the strict requirements of the HACCP concept and the GMP guidelines. The in-house holo-seal guarantees the origin of our products and quality standards. It also proves that all our raw materials are subjected to a more careful control for harmful substances and pathogens, which is otherwise only used in the production of pharmaceuticals. This means that we are well above the legal requirements for this product category in order to offer our consumers the highest level of safety and quality.
Only raw materials from Germany are used. All manufacturing processes are carried out under clean room conditions. In addition, they are regularly checked and validated, which is otherwise only used in pharmaceutical production.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Quality made in Germany

Despite high production and labour costs, we produce our food supplements and cosmetics in Germany. Only packages with our authenticity hologram seal guarantee premium quality "Made in Germany"!