Vermonde GmbH donates to the Children's Cancer Aid Mainz

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BINGEN/RHEIN. Vermonde GmbH from Bingen am Rhein donated 2,000 euros to the Children's Cancer Aid Mainz e. V.. In this way, the manufacturer of nutritional supplements supports Anton Bellroth's fundraising bicycle ride.

Anton Bellroth, 68, cycled this year for the Children's Cancer Aid Mainz e. V. The current bike tour led him across France, Spain, Portugal to Gibraltar and back again. In total he covered 7,148 kilometers back and was on the road for three months. Anton Bellroth rode an ordinary bicycle without assistance.

Every day he pedaled: storm, rain and heat notwithstanding. In a fall, he lost his wallet with money and papers. On one stage, the bike broke down. Vermonde GmbH donated him a new one. "We wanted this fundraising tour to continue no matter what," says Managing Director Stephanie Dreyer.

The highlight of his tour was the climb up Andorra's highest mountain, Pic de Coma Pedrosa, at 2,944 meters. The pass was on a five to seven percent incline. "At one point I couldn't breathe anymore and was just panting," says Anton Bellroth, 68. What an impressive achievement!

The cyclist owes his good physical condition to two products in particular: "In the preparation phase I take XenoVital, to get my cell metabolism going. Before big climbs I drink TurboForm.. That gives me strength and energy, without which I couldn't manage the climb," says Anton Bellroth.

On his current tour, he collected 6,500 euros. Backhaus Lüning donated another 1,500 euros. Vermonde GmbH handed over another 2,000 euros and rounded up the sum to 10,000 euros.

"We deal a lot with patients with cancer and know that certain treatments can improve the quality of life after chemotherapy. Unfortunately, these are not yet used for children with cancer. Yet small patients in particular should receive much more support. For this reason, we are happy to donate to Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz, which does exactly this kind of work." Stephanie Dreyer, Managing Director Vermonde GmbH.

Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V. supports children's cancer research projects to improve the chances of recovery for children diagnosed with cancer.

The current fundraising tour is already the fourth. In 2013, Anton Bellroth walked from Bingen on the Rhine to the southernmost point of Europe, the Greek island of Gavdos. In 2016, he rode a bicycle across Sweden to the North Cape. In 2018, he cycled across Denmark and the Faroe Islands to Iceland. With his tours, Anton Bellroth collected donations. For example, for the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (DKMS).

About Vermonde GmbH

Since 2006, the family-run company from Bingen/Rhine has been manufacturing products in its own cleanroom laboratory that maximize cell renewal with the help of natural cell peptides and on the basis of the innovative CARE® technology.

On the photo from left to right: Stephanie Dreyer, Managing Director Vermonde GmbH, Anton Bellroth, Lara Eberl, Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V.

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