Anton Bellroth mit Präparaten Vermonde

Cycling for a good cause: Anton Bellroth's new European tour

Cycling is healthy. The sport has enjoyed great popularity since the Corona pandemic. Anton Bellroth, 68, also discovered riding a bike for himself. Since then, he has been cycling through Europe and collecting donations. We accompany him on his current tour of Western Europe, from Bingen on the Rhine to Gibraltar and back again.

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With spring comes the hay fever season 

After a long winter, most of us look forward to spring: the time of light clothes and long walks through blooming landscapes. What pleases one person's eye makes another's water. People who suffer from hay fever have a hard time during this time. According to statistics, at least 15% of adults in this country suffer from hay fever.

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Lebensmittel für die Schilddrüse

Thyroid: These foods and nutrients keep it healthy

The thyroid gland is a small organ that does great work in our organism. With its only 20 grams, it is essentially responsible for our mood and weight. With certain foods and nutrients you can support this small organ in the neck in its work sensibly and thus prevent thyroid diseases.

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Immunsystem im Alter stärken

Strengthening the immune system in old age

The immune system ages along with us and becomes weaker and more susceptible to pathogens as we age. From the age of 60 at the latest, the efficiency of the immune system decreases significantly. How can the immune system be strengthened in old age?

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