Nährstoffe für Frauen

These 5 nutrients women really need

Do women need different nutrients than men? Aren't vitamins, minerals and trace elements all important and of equal importance for both sexes? No, say experts. Women should be given special support.

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Fettiges Essen kann Leber belasten

How to get your liver fit for the holidays

Biscuits, Christmas goose and a lot of wine to go with it. The holidays tempt us with delicious food and alcoholic beverages. The festive feast is a real challenge for our liver. That's why it's important to support the detox organ in the weeks leading up to it. We tell you how to get your liver fit for the holidays.

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Immunsystem stärken mit UltraImmun

8 good tips for strengthening the immune system

The winter time is a test of our immune system. Cold viruses are lurking everywhere and want to paralyze our natural defense mechanism. Our immune system must therefore be well prepared. But how can the defenses be strengthened? We present 8 good and simple tips.

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Arthrosis: symptoms and treatment

Arthrosis is becoming the number one widespread disease. According to the Deutsche Arthrose-Hilfe, this is the most common of all joint diseases in Germany. More than five million men and women, almost every second person over 60, suffer from the symptoms caused by arthrosis.

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