Verdauungssysteme von Mann und Frau

How to stimulate your metabolism: The best tips

Do you know people who eat everything and don't gain weight? They hardly do any sport and still stay slim. One possible explanation for this is their metabolism. It is fast and can process food much more efficiently. We explain what makes a good metabolism and how you can boost your metabolism.

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Erkältete Dame

Immunodeficiency due to Corona: What you can do immediately

Immune deficiency, damage and/or even obsolescence of the immune system - these terms are currently on everyone's lips. "Studies now show very clearly that those affected are often dealing with an immune deficiency, the duration of which we do not yet know," said Health Minister Karl Lauterbach in a recent interview with the Berliner Zeitung.

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Wechseljahre bei Männern- Andropause

Menopause in men: typical symptoms of andropause

For a long time, the term menopause was used exclusively to describe changes in a woman's hormone balance. The menopause belonged exclusively to the female body, just like pregnancy. In the meantime, doctors know that men also experience menopause between the ages of 40 and 50. Read here what the typical symptoms of a so-called andropause are and how they can be treated.

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Anton Bellroth mit Präparaten Vermonde

Cycling for a good cause: Anton Bellroth's new European tour

Cycling is healthy. The sport has enjoyed great popularity since the Corona pandemic. Anton Bellroth, 68, also discovered riding a bike for himself. Since then, he has been cycling through Europe and collecting donations. We accompany him on his current tour of Western Europe, from Bingen on the Rhine to Gibraltar and back again.

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