Lose weight after Christmas: This is how it will work!

Every year: After Advent and Christmas, your favorite pants hardly fit anymore and your belly shows signs of worrying flab. We tell you how to get rid of the annoying fixed kilos!

How to lose weight after Christmas:

  1. Do not eat less, but more consciously

Eat consciously! The good news is that you don't have to starve yourself. Instead, fill up on meals three times a day. Don't skip a meal and don't reduce the quantities because you're afraid you won't be able to eat it all.

To keep track of your meals, you can record them in a food diary or analyze them using tracking apps. Or you can make it even easier by taking pictures of everything you eat. That way you know exactly whether you can order the apple strudel with or without cream in the afternoon.

If you want to lose weight after Christmas, start your day with carbohydrates. You have the choice between a bread breakfast to muesli variations. You can also eat carbohydrates at lunchtime. In the evening, however, they are taboo. If you want to lose more weight, you should also do without them at lunchtime.

A five-hour break between meals is a MUST. Only if it is observed can your insulin level drop again to the point where the fat cells are no longer blocked by insulin and there is no nutrient and insulin build-up in the blood.

  1. Drink a lot!

Drink enough! You should drink plenty of fluids, especially during meal-free breaks. Only energy-free drinks are permitted. The ideal thirst quencher for losing weight is water in any form. Whether as tap or mineral water, it doesn't matter, because it contains no calories and optimally compensates for the body's water loss. Two liters a day are the minimum you should drink. Apart from water, everything is actually allowed if it is drunk at the right time. This means that cappuccino or latte macchiato with milk containing protein are only allowed at lunchtime.

Avoid alcohol if you want to lose weight after Christmas. Together with nicotine, it blocks the breakdown of fat at night and upsets the natural rhythm of your metabolism. Of course, you can have a glass of wine at the weekend. But maybe now is the right time not only to give up some unpleasant vices during the weight loss phase, but to finally get rid of them?

3. Lose weight after Christmas: Should I turn down dinner invitations?

Absolutely not! A guilty conscience when losing weight after Christmas is out of place. Just stay flexible and ask when you order if you can just get a larger vegetable side dish instead of the carbohydrate side dish. Instead of baskets of bread, ask for olives and pickled vegetables.

However, if you've eaten too much, skip the carbs the next day and fill up on protein foods instead.

  1. Dinner and bedtime: When is the optimal time?

Dinner between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. would be ideal. Because the earlier you have your protein meal in the evening, the longer your digestive metabolism has time to settle down.

If you want to lose weight after Christmas, you should go to bed as early as possible. Remember: The earlier you fall asleep, the faster your fat cells are used as an energy supplier for the nightly repair processes. In addition, you will get up the next morning in a good mood and well-rested.

  1. Sport is a real fat killer

Sport not only makes us slim, but helps us feel better about our bodies. Not to mention that with exercise you put a stop to the aging process.

So try to walk more steps in your everyday life. Park your car a few meters away and walk the last bit. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. The positive effects of the new lifestyle will not be long in coming.

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